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Adult Sports Mouthguard

Are you an adult that occasionally plays sports? Do you know someone who, while having fun, accidentally injured their teeth? Have you ever thought how easy it is to get an elbow to the mouth while playing basketball, or chip a tooth while playing baseball? Do you believe it is safer to wear a helment while you bicycle on the weekend?

Then consider having our office make a custom mouthguard to support your teeth. Since it is made for your teeth and only your teeth, it is far more comfortable than anything else you may have used. The protection that a custom mouthguard offers is superior!

It is a small investment in the proper sports equipment, especially when compared to the cost of an accidental injury ... the treatment expense, the time away from work to complete the procedures and the pain.

Play by the rules! Protect you smile! Don't leave home without a professional dental laboratory-made custom mouthguard.

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