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Brush Test

Quick Painless Oral Cancer Test

Mouth sores are extremely common and fortunately most are harmless. However, about 4% contain abnormal precancerous cells that if not identified early may progress to a more advanced stage.

Where you aware that nationwide, oral cancer kills more people than skin cancer and twice as many as cervical cancer? Did you know that over 25% of oral cancers occur in people who do not use tobacco or abuse alcohol. In fact, a person with a dangerous oral lesion may be completely unaware of its presence.

Now there is a quick and painless test that can accurately identify if an oral spot needs further treatment. This breakthrough in oral cancer detection is the BrushTest. It's called BrushTest because a brush that is smaller than a toothbrush is used on the suspicious spot. What's nice is that because there is no cutting of the tissue there is no need for any local numbing anesthesia and no needles.

The BrushTest could reassure you that there is no malignancy or it could be the first step to early cancer detection when it can be easily and completely cured. BrushTest, it's a lifesaver!

See more on the BrushTest when you click on The Today Show.

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