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Comfortable Gentle Relaxation Dentistry

Dental treatment while you rest. We want your visit to be comfortable!

Do you avoid the dental office because you had a bad experience or maybe you feel that you have better things to do? We understand.

We are different. At our office, we try our best to make you feel your best. Sit in one of our treatment chairs. They are considered to be some of the most comfortable in dentistry. Bring your favorite CD, DVD or audio tape and we'll insert it into one of our players. Also a selection of music on an office iPod is available if you prefer. Maybe you might like to try a sleep or relaxation audio. Just let us know what interests you.

So lie back, turn up the music, watch a movie or maybe listen to a book. Relax with an extra pillow or a blanket in a chair set for a soothing back or neck massage. ENJOY!

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