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Cosmetic Aesthetic Dentistry

There are several components to successful dental care. The comfort of the patient is certainly very important.Restoring the oral structures and chewing function to obtain or maintain health is clearly necessary. Also it is essential that the dental treatment, such as an In-Office Whitening or a more complex Reconstructive Dental Facelift, is aesthetic. It must look and feel natural.

Tooth enamel becomes deeply stained from substances such as coffee, tea, cola, red wine and tobacco, as well as aging. An In-Office Whitening erases years of tooth discoloration. Extensive research and clinical studies confirm that professional whitening is safe. In fact many consider it the safest of all cosmetic procedures. This treatment is convenient. It takes less than an hour. It is effective. Your teeth will always be lighter than they were before the professional in-office whitening.

With time teeth begin to wear becoming flat, uneven and short. The wearing down process, which can be aggravated by tooth lose, gradually results in collapse of the dental structures. This in turn causes lose of support to the facial tissues. The face looks short, fat and aged with deep lines or wrinkles around the lower face, lips and corners of the mouth. A Reconstructive Dental Facelift recaptures the proper dental dimensions improving the facial proportions. By restoring the worn tooth structure, the height of the teeth and the jaw position, a more youthful facial contour can be achieved.

A Reconstructive Dental Facelift can be and frequently is coupled with an In-Office Whitening to obtain the maximum oral facial rejuvenation. Aesthetics is essential to providing a patient with a beautiful smile and healthy appearance. So you can feel good, look great and make a memorable impression! That’s something to smile about.

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