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Custom Teeth Whitening

Several Options

We offer several treatment modalities for whitening because different people have different needs.

Would you like to whiten your teeth but are cautious because of sensitive teeth or gums?

Have you used an over-the-counter bleaching product but did not get the results promised on the box?

Or worse, did you try some free bleaching kit and your gums turned white, or your teeth hurt after using it?

We understand your concerns and offer a safe solution for discolored teeth. Whether the stain is from smoking, coffee, foods, medications or an injury; a beautiful smile could be closer than you think. Each person has unique whitening needs. We work with you in customizing your teeth whitening to address your particular needs. We offer several different whitening systems and may use more than one system when necessary to get the results you desire.

The whitening systems that we use include:

  • In-Office ZOOM! Advanced Power Plus Light

  • In-Office Gentle Whitening

  • Take-Home Custom-Fitted Trays

  • Take-Home Whitening Pen

Additionally we offer:

  • Deep Bleach Multi-Phase Protocol - for intransigent stains

  • Refresh Whitening - for the person who has had whitening and would like a quick in-office touch-up

This scientifically advanced approach offers you the perfect choice for obtaining the bright sparkling white smile you always wanted.

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