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Improves Patient Comfort And Safety

The award-winning Isolite Dryfield Illuminator offers a clear, well-lit view of a patient's open mouth. It helps speed procedures by 30%. It also protects the patientís airway and provides a better patient experience.

The patient benefits:

• It will protect your tongue.
• It will protect your cheek.
• It will hold your mouth open, so you do not have to.
• Its suction will help eliminate excess saliva.
• It will help reduce unpleasant tastes.
• It will help reduce unpleasant smells.
• It will help isolate the area being worked on and act as a barrier.
• Its special built-in light will help the dentist see better inside your mouth.
• It will help the dentist and the assistant be more time-efficient, because they know there are other places you need to be and things you want to do.

To see how the Isolite improves patient comfort and safety click on Isolite.

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