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OralID Cancer Screening

Shine Light. Save Lives.

In the United States one person dies from oral caner every hour. This is tragic, especially since oral cancer when found early is 90% curable.

Early cancer detection is why Dr. Warner uses the OralID. This device utilizes a safe narrow band of high-energy blue light to view the oral tissue with special optical filter glasses. An abnormal area is identified by changes in the normal fluoresence of the tissue. The cellular change that leads to oral cancer begins below the tissue surface and grows to the surface. The OralID enables Dr. Warner to discover a potential cancer prior to it becoming visible on the surface.

OralID is to oral cancer like a mammogram is to breast cancer, a PAP smear is to cervical cancer and a PSA Test is to prostate cancer. One out of 4 oral cancers are detected in people who do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and do not have any traditional risk factors. The Oral Cancer Foundation encourages all patients, regardless of their history, to be screened at least once a year.

OralID helps make an early diagnosis. Early diagnosis saves lives!

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