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Patient-Planet Healthy

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When the word green is used you can substitute the word friendly, or caring or intelligent. Green habits, products and healthcare take into consideration the long-term effects on our health, our environment and our planet.

We are choosing not just for ourselves but also for our children, their children and for all living things. The decisions we make should be friendly, caring and intelligent. They need to be green.

Thinking Green

Our office is on an environmental sustainability voyage. We are committed to the journey and pledge to continuing our progress.
Caring for your health and caring for our planet have many things in common.
It's all about prevention. It is doing what will reduce the chances of a serious problem.
Our office makes recommendations that will help prevent illness. Healthy eating especially more fruit and vegetables, effective brushing/flossing methods, regular exercise, reduced alcohol use and tobacco cessation are encouraged.
Caring for our planet involves using our natural resources wisely. For our personal health, it is important to be mindful of drinking an adequate amount of water everyday. However, do you reach for a new plastic bottle from the refrigerator? If so, then make sure to recycle disposable ones and after they are used switch to a reusable bottle. In this way, you are also taking care of our planet's health.

Our Office Design Is All About Healthy Patients And A Healthy Planet


Our office doors are either recycled existing doors or doors reclaimed before demolition of historic buildings in our community.

The paint on the walls in our office is formulated to emit absolutely no harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Inside our office, we have a small Living Wall of plants located between two of our Patient Offices. This green wall filters pollutants from the air while releasing fresh oxygen into our office. The floors in the Patient Offices are covered with cork. Cork is environmentally sustainable. Without killing or damaging the trees, it is carefully harvested from the outer bark allowing new bark to grow in its place. It is hypoallergenic, formaldehyde-free and resistant to mold and mildew. Cork is naturally healthy.

The floors in the treatment areas are made with natural materials, contain non-toxic pigments and are installed with solvent free adhesives. It is the choice in many hospitals as well as recommended for people with respiratory disorders since it prevents the growth of microorganisms.

The insulation used in the construction of our office is an odorless, ecologically stable cellulose. It delivers superior energy efficiency and sound control.

Save 32,850 Glasses Of Water This Year Turn the water faucet off!

For my oral health and the health of our planet, Dr Warner asks me to make this pledge:

I pledge to brush and floss my teeth at least twice a day. Each time I will:

  • Turn on the water faucet, fill a small glass and wet my toothbrush.

  • Immediately turn off the faucet.

  • Apply toothpaste to my toothbrush and brush my teeth for two minutes.

  • Floss my teeth thoroughly.

  • Rinse with the glass of water.

  • Smile and be proud of saving 32,850 glasses of water this year.

A family of 2 saves 65,700 glasses of water. A family of 4 saves 131,400 glasses.

improving oral health … living better

The Patient - Planet - Healthcare Sector Connection

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that can harm the brain, spinal cord, kidneys and liver. It is used throughout healthcare in a variety of products including blood pressure monitors, dental silver-amalgam fillings and cleaning agents.

The cumulative usage, spills and disposal of these products makes the healthcare field a major contributor of mercury pollution.

Some of the things we do at our office to reduce the use and spread of mercury:

  • Your blood pressure will be checked with a non-mercury monitor.
  • We use mercury free fillings and do not use mercury containing dental silver-amalgam.
  • When mercury containing silver fillings are replaced, they are collected with an Amalgam Separator. This unique device is certified at better than 99% removal efficiency by ADA and ISO testing.
  • We use whenever possible natural cleaning products.

Protecting Our Patients & Our Environment

Not all exam gloves are equal.

Using gloves with inferior barrier protection, could expose both you and us to serious health risks. We use high-quality durable gloves which offer a higher resistance to tearing and better tactile sensitivity.

The disposable natural gloves, we routinely use, are derived from a renewable resource (rubber trees) and are biodegradable.

In comparison, synthetic gloves are made from chemicals which are often toxic or carcinogenic. Disposal of synthetic gloves creates an environmental hazard. Burning releases harmful substances like dioxin, cyanide and hydrogen chloride. Burying in landfill results in poisoning the soil and often the groundwater which can enter our food supply.

It is important to use the right gloves. Safe for you, safe for us and safe for the environment.

It's Your Body & Your Life

Do you care what goes in your body?

Of course you do and we take extra care to select only the finest, natural-looking, durable materials for restoring your mouth. This concern goes into choosing fillings, crowns, implants, dentures and all that we do.

For example, we use high quality, white tooth-colored fillings. Never do we use dental silver-amalgam fillings that contain mercury and turn black.

Mercury is environmentally toxic and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warns that, "Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neuro-toxic effects on the nervous system...". You clearly don't want something in your mouth that is toxic to our environment and cannot be thrown into the garbage.

We're busy improving both your health and the environment we depend on. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our office is a perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle.

A Few More Earth Friendly Approaches We Employ

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) a waterless hand sanitizer rub decreases bacteria more effectively than washing with soap and water. It is also better for our planet since this reduces the use of water, soap and paper towels.

We use digital patient charting to reduce paper use and office paper is recycled.

The x-rays are digital - the decreased radiation is for you,

- no developing and fixing chemicals is for the environment.

Our dental instruments are cleaned with a non-toxic, no phosphates, no chlorine bleach, no dyes, no artificial fragrances, no NTA and no EDTA cleaning product in an Energy Star approved washer.

We utilize steam sterilization rather than chemical-based equipment to sterilize the surgical instruments.

Our dental suction is a 100% water-free vacuum. This system wastes no water compared to the average vacuum system that uses an estimated 360 gallons of water per day.

Disposables are placed in eco-friendly bags that totally biodegrade in 1 to 2 years leaving no harmful residue. Traditional paper and plastic bags can take 400 years to decompose.

Healthy & Green

One of the best ways to lessen the impact of healthcare facilities on the environment is for you to do your best to stay healthy. We are here to help you with that.

Avoiding major treatments and surgeries is not only something you personally want but it also decreases the harm caused by the healthcare sector to our planet. Simply stated, the bigger the procedure the greater the energy use. An average hospital consumes twice as much energy per square foot as an office building.

Many of us in healthcare agree that things need to change. We need a greener mindset. Our office will do our very best to keep you healthy. That means encouraging a healthy lifestyle and helping you make positive changes when necessary.

Early prevention reduces major intervention which is very good for you. This is also desirable since it diminishes healthcare’s footprint on the environment. Preventive care is patient-planet healthy.

Ask us about other tree-hugging things we are doing!



We would like to express our appreciation to GREEN PRACTICE HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS . Your advice and direction have assisted us in advancing to a new level.

As we continue to provide excellent patient care at our office, we now have an opportunity through a "natural green approach" to extend that care to all living creatures that breathe the air and drink the water.

Thanks GREEN PRACTICE HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS for your "natural green approach" in the medical/dental sector!

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