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The Office

Welcome to our patient-planet healthy dental office

Our office thinks and does things differently!

A Unique Approach

Our office does not feel and certainly does not operate like a typical dental office. It is not at all like a large, ordinary, impersonal clinic. Our office is intentionally small, relaxed and caring.

A Unique Experience

From the moment you walk through our front door, you will know that our practice is unlike any you have previously visited.

Each time you return, you will be welcomed by name, an immediate reminder of that difference.

A Unique Sensitivity

We value both your privacy and your time.

You do NOT sign-in at a front desk, announcing personal information about yourself in a room full of strangers that are waiting to find out whose turn could be next. You have a reservation with Dr. Warner. Each person seeing Dr. Warner receives the time and attention that he or she needs.

Dr. Jonathan A. Bregman
3913 Sterling Ridge Lane
Durham NC 27707

A Unique Design

We do NOT have a Waiting Room. Since people don't like waiting to see the doctor, then why have a Waiting Room full of unhappy people. Upon your arrival, let us show you what's available!

We do NOT make you listen to background music. It could be too loud, too soft or simply not to your liking. During your visit, let us show you what's available!

We do NOT have a check-out counter. An occasion may arise when you would not feel completely comfortable asking a financial question that someone might overhear. We don't want this to ever happen to you. As you depart, let us show you what's available!

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