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TMJ Assessement

Stop Suffering

Do you get frequent headaches or neck aches? Do you have popping, clicking or soreness of the jaw joints?


If your physician or dentist referred you to Dr. Warner for these chronic pains, you maybe suffering from a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder or as some people will say, "TMJ". Fortunately, today there are ways to help reduce or eliminate this pain. The treatments will vary depending on which structures (the teeth, the bone supporting the teeth, the chewing muscles or the jaw joints) are involved.

A major focus in treating the TM joint is in education of the patient in prevention. There are treatment protocols which can provide relief for acute and chronic pain. Laser therapy, muscle relaxants, exercises, vapo-coolant, injections, and various oral appliances are a few of the treatment options available. The ultimate goal is a lifetime free of TMJ pain.

You'll be amazed at what can be done! We are here to help.

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