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Uncommon Mucocutaneous Diseases

Are your gums or other parts of your mouth red or pinker than normal? Do these places occasionally ulcer, peel or blister? Does this seem to persist even with good brushing and flossing?

If you were referred to Dr. Warner by your dentist or physician because of this problem, then it is possible you might have one of the mucocutaneous diseases. After obtaining a full history and examination, Dr. Warner will make an initial clinical assessment and recommendation. Confirmation by laboratory testing is frequently necessary to plan the appropriate therapy.

The mouth is affected by a variety of mucocutaneous diseases. The most common oral mucocutaneous diseases are lichen planus, cicatricial pemphigoid and pemphigus vulgaris. Oral lesions are often the initial manifestation of these chronic conditions and maybe the only lesions experienced by some people.

Treament goal is to bring these chronic lesions under control by using medications that are the most effective in inducing remission and diminishing or reversing the progression of the disease. With many of these conditions periodic check-ups are important to monitor and manage any changes that may occur.

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